Protecting religious freedom in schools.


Do individuals give up their free speech when they go to school?   Do people have to choose between practicing their faith and attending classes?  Can schools accommodate religious freedom, or must they treat religion as something dangerous that must be avoided?  Can states continue to use Jim Crow-type laws to deny religious groups equal funding in education?  These are just a few ways that government tramples upon religious freedom, but Becket has won landmark precedents ensuring freedom for all.

Religious discrimination across the country often happens under the guise of “Blaine Amendments,” which forbid the use of state funds to support religious purposes and were specifically designed to block only Catholic groups from accessing funds. The blatant religious discrimination by state Blaine amendments had them being compared to Jim Crow laws.  Despite the Supreme Court’s clear statement that Blaine Amendments were a “doctrine born of bigotry [that] should be buried now,”  these amendments continue to plague many state constitutions and are used by activists to deny equal funding in religious education. Becket is leading the fight against these bigoted and discriminatory policies.

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