Becket Case = Becket Case
  Case Name Date Ended Resolution Courts Organization Type
Association of Christian Schools International v. Azar Religious schools and non-profits
Insight for Living Ministries v. Azar Oct. 30, 2017 Bible-teaching radio ministry
Christian and Missionary Alliance Foundation, Inc. v. Azar Nov. 2, 2017 Liberty Institute
Valley Forge Christian College v. Burwell Oct. 20, 2014 Christian organization
March for Life v. Azar Sep. 17, 2018 Pro-Life Organization
Archdiocese of Philadelphia v. Azar Aug. 24, 2018 Catholic archdiocese and organizations
Catholic Diocese of Greensburg v. Sebelius Aug. 20, 2014 Catholic diocese
Media Research Center v. Sebelius Oct. 14, 2014 Organization
Union University v. Azar Nov. 16, 2017 Southern Baptist University
Catholic Diocese of Biloxi v. Azar Oct. 23, 2017 Catholic educational and social service institutions, diocese
Catholic Benefits Association v. Azar Mar. 7, 2018 Catholic organizations
Roman Catholic Diocese of Cheyenne v. Azar Oct. 24, 2017 Catholic organizations
Ave Maria Foundation v. Azar Feb. 2, 2018 Christian organizations
Becket Case Wheaton College v. Azar Feb. 22, 2018 Evangelical liberal arts college and graduate school
Catholic Diocese of Beaumont/Greensburg v. Azar Jan. 3, 2014 Catholic diocese and charities
Dobson v. Azar Christian radio show and ministry
Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) v. Sebelius Jun. 11, 2015 Catholic organization
Becket Case Belmont Abbey College v. Sebelius Nov. 3, 2014 Private Catholic school in North Carolina founded by Benedictine Monks
Michigan Catholic Conference v. Azar Nov. 2, 2017 Catholic organizations
Ave Maria School of Law v. Azar Jul. 11, 2018 Catholic law school