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New evidence: Philly engaged in discrimination that hurts foster kids Press call to discuss three-day hearing evidence and pending decision

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Following a three-day court hearing, Philadelphia-based foster families urged the court last night to end the City’s harmful decision that is currently keeping foster children from loving homes. In Sharonell Fulton, et al. v. City of Philadelphia, the City barred one of the best foster agencies, Catholic Social Services, from placing children with foster families, solely because of the agency’s religious beliefs about marriage. The City’s actions are denying children homes and preventing loving foster parents from caring for kids.

Last week’s hearing revealed that the City’s policy is directly motivated by religious hostility toward Catholics. This discriminatory policy has caused devastating problems for at-risk children. Although Catholic Social Services has 35 open homes available right now, City officials won’t allow any children to be placed in them because they think the agency’s religious beliefs, which drive its mission to help children, are “outdated” and “need to change.” Becket filed a brief last night defending foster children, families, and Catholic Social Services from the City’s religious discrimination. Becket will hold a press call this afternoon to discuss evidence from the three-day hearing and the pending decision.

Press Call in Sharonell Fulton et. al. v. City of Philadelphia 

Lori Windham, senior attorney at Becket

Friday, June 29, 2018, at 1:00 PM EST

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