Gabe Katz

Gabe joined Becket as a research & analytics fellow at Becket in June 2022. He works on the Religious Liberty Index and assists the litigation and operations teams with various research projects.

Before coming to Becket, Gabe worked at Raytheon Technologies for a year in the Digital Leadership Development Program, working as a digital business analyst at Raytheon Missiles & Defense and then working as a staffing & learning development analyst at Raytheon Intelligence & Space.

Gabe graduated with high distinction from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a B.S. in mathematical sciences. He interned at Raytheon Technologies’ Digital Leadership Development Program and at an Israeli company called Asparna. For his Major Qualifying Project, he worked in a team of five students and two professors to use Python and data science techniques to predict future NBA player performance. He was also a peer learning assistant for the WPI Mathematical Sciences Department, providing weekly individual and group tutoring in applied statistics, differential equations, and calculus as well as grading student assignments.

Gabe lives in Washington, D.C.. In his free time, Gabe studies for the LSAT (not for fun), stays active, reads about history, watches Friends, and obsesses about the Celtics.

Derringer Dick

Derringer is a Strategic Research Associate at Becket. His research work has supported many of Becket’s major cases since he joined in 2015, including Zubik v. BurwellSlockish v. U.S. Federal Highway AdministrationHarvest Family Church v. FEMA and Fulton v. Philadelphia.

Before coming to Becket, Derringer studied journalism with an emphasis on the classical liberal arts at Patrick Henry College, graduating cum laude in 2015. During that time, he interned with WORLD Magazine and freelanced for The Weatherford Democrat, publishing several articles and film reviews. He graduated from the University of Dallas with a Master of American Studies in 2020.

A devotee of the more rural ways of life, Derringer likes to spend his free time writing, reading, watching movies, and expanding his personal collection of eclectic knowledge. He lives in Texas with his wife and daughter.