Becket defends religious liberty for all—in principle and in practice.


At Becket, we know that religious liberty is a universal human right. Our cases span a wide range of beliefs and practices, but all share a common vision of a world where freedom of exercise and expression is a protected right, free from government reach. With this vision as our goal, we take cases that will set strong and lasting precedent for all faiths—and we win.


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Becket at the Supreme Court

Becket has an unparalleledundefeated record at the U.S. Supreme Court. In the last ten years, Becket has won eight Supreme Court cases. Five of those victories were unanimous. Almost half of all Supreme Court victories for religious freedom over the last decade were Becket cases. 


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Becket is a non-profit, public interest legal and educational institution. We are the leaders in the fight for religious liberty and the only law firm that defends all religious beliefs. Our mission is to protect the expression of all faiths, from A to Z—Anglican to Zoroastrian. Becket was founded on a simple principle: that because the religious impulse is natural to human beings, religious expression is natural to human culture. We advance this principle in three arenas—the court of law, the court of public opinion, and the academy—both at home and abroad.

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Becket’s unmatched, undefeated Supreme Court record and 92% win rate in the lower courts has made us the premier religious liberty law firm. Our outstanding communications efforts continue to make us the go-to source for leading journalists and academics. This kind of success is only possible because of our focused strategy and careful stewardship. Every pledge of support has a direct and tangible effect on our efforts.


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