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How Will the Supreme Court’s Decision Impact the HHS Mandate?

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Unless the entire act is struck down, the HHS cases move forward. Learn more here.

In the next few weeks the Supreme Court will decide the constitutionality of certain provisions of the Affordable Care Act. How does this impact the HHS lawsuits? The graphic above illustrates the three different scenarios.

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty led the charge against the Administration’s unconstitutional HHS mandate. The Becket Fund applauds the other courageous defenders who have stepped forward and filed additional suits in defense of America’s first freedom. Today, there are 23 separate cases and 56 individual plaintiffs, representing hospitals, universities, businesses, schools, and people all speaking with one voice to affirm the freedom of religion guaranteed in the Constitution.


Scroll over the dots to learn more about each case, and visit HHS Information Central to learn more about this unconstitutional mandate.