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USA Today: Hosanna-Tabor case to test our church-state divide

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Read about a case the Becket Fund’s is preparing to bring before the Supreme Court in USA Today. In late March, the justices agreed to review a Michigan job-discrimination case with none of these familiar eye-catching and attention-grabbing features. It does involve, however, fundamental questions about church-state relations and the limits of government authority — questions at the core of the First Amendment’s concerns — and it could prove to be among the court’s most important religious-liberty cases in many years.

Critics sometimes complain that the court’s religion-related decisions bog down in trivia — How close are the reindeer and snowmen to the Baby Jesus in the holiday display? — but this case, Hosanna-Tabor Church v. EEOC, is about a big idea, the “separation of church and state,” that really matters.

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