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Texas churches plead once again for disaster relief FEMA misses court deadline, churches back in court asking for needed relief to rebuild

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Three churches are once again asking a Houston federal court today for equal access to disaster relief. The filing comes after a judge rejected FEMA’s attempt in Harvest Family Church v. FEMA to delay their challenge and set a December 1 deadline for FEMA to change its position, which it has not. Since the devastation by Hurricane Harvey in late August, FEMA has denied houses of worship access to federal disaster aid grants while allowing all other kinds of non-profits to apply for and receive those grants. The churches are now asking the Houston federal court to grant them immediate access to disaster relief grants.

The following statement can be attributed to Daniel Blomberg, counsel at Becket:

“Especially when it comes to recovering from hurricanes, justice delayed is justice denied. The churches sought relief from the federal courts almost three months ago. Is it too much to ask that they get the access they need to recover from Hurricane Harvey? We are hopeful that the court will rule soon.”

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