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Remembering Whitney Ball, Defender of Liberty

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Like all those who knew Whitney Ball, I was so sad to hear of her passing on August 17th; it was too soon and she was too young. Despite contracting cancer at a young age, Whitney lived her life looking forward.

In every encounter I had with Whitney I was astonished by her strength, lack of fear, sense of humor and her ardent optimism. Whitney’s driving force was her faith in God and she was fearless in her mission to defend our liberty. She always asked what she could do to help the cause of religious freedom.

Throughout her disease Whitney never complained or felt sorry for herself, even while enduring the most unpleasant effects of her treatments. Instead, Whitney is a role model to all of us on how to live and make the most of the time we’ve been given. She is also a role model on the work one person can do in defending our rights as individuals. Thank you Whitney for helping me, as you did so many others, advance the cause of liberty!

Julie Riggs
The Becket Fund for Religous Liberty