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We need your help defending monks at Belmont Abbey College

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The government is forcing the monks at Belmont Abbey College to pay for abortion-causing drugs and sterilization.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Monks forced by the government to pay for abortifacients.

The Becket Fund filed suit against the federal government on behalf of Belmont Abbey College, in an attempt to stand for the First Amendment rights that protect all people from government-
imposed burdens on religious freedom. A response from the court is pending.

The long history of legal victories at the Becket Fund is accompanied by a long history of committed and courageous donors who have given of their time and resources to make religious liberty an unconditional human right for all Americans.

Will you stand up and join them? Partner with us and help send the government a strong message: This mandate is unconstitutional!

Donate today and become a member of our team!

As our founder always says, “Everything we do, we do together.”