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Golden Eagle Feathers Returned to Tribe

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KRGV ABC-5/Rio Grande Valley, TX , March 10, 2015

A judge recently ruled the feathers should be given back to the tribe after almost nine years of court battles.

Lipan Apache Tribe Vice-Chairman Robert Soto said, “Even though I got these feathers back, I got them with all these restrictions. Like I’m the only one that can handle them, put them on, wear them, use them. These feathers can never be given to anybody. They can never be (lent) to anybody.””

The Lipan Apache tribe is fighting for equality for all Native American tribes. Soto said they are not done fighting.

Soto said, “”I say we will fight until we can’t fight anymore. If we lose at the end of the trail, we’ll start all over again.””

The tribe could spend another four years in court with this case. Soto and the other members of the tribe will continue to worship.