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Capitol Hill Luncheon Series, Briefing I: Freedom for Religious Organizations and Persons to Exercise their Faith in Public Life

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On Friday August 19th, The Becket Fund hosted the first of five Congressional briefings regarding the state of religious liberty in the United States. Over twenty-five Congressional staffers attended the panel discussion on the freedom of religious organizations and individuals to exercise their faith in public life. Luke

Goodrich, Deputy National Litigation Director for The Becket Fund, moderated the panel following opening remarks from Former Congressman J.C. Watts. The panel consisted of Gregory Baylor, Senior Counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund, Rhett Butler, Government Liaison for the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions, and Stanley Carlson-Theis, founder and president of the Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance. The next Congressional Briefing from the Becket Fund will be held on September 30th on the topic of Maintaining the Freedom of Religious Hiring by Faith-Based Organizations.