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Big Mountain Jesus: A Monumental Case

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Last week our case defending the Big Mountain Jesus war memorial in Montana was appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Since then we’ve released a new video which tells the inspiring story of two of the co-defendants in the case, Ray Leopold and Gene Thomas, who drive to the top of the mountain every year to make repairs to the statue. In the video, Ray explains that the statue means many things to many different people. He says,

“I see this as a war memorial, some people see this as a historical figure, some people see it as a religious figure, some people see it as just a statue at a nice location where they like to come up and have a picnic…. It’s almost as if this statue has become a citizen of Whitefish, Montana.”

Indeed, local residents of Montana overwhelmingly support the current home of the statue. We hope you will too, after watching this video.