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Becket Fund’s Founder Awarded Heritage’s Highest Honor Kevin J. “Seamus” Hasson, received the Salvatori Prize from Heritage’s Edwin Meese III, yesterday in Colorado Springs

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Washington, DC.- Edwin Meese III, chairman of Heritage’s Center for Legal and Judicial Studies, joined Spalding in presenting the Salvatori Prize to Seamus Hasson during a luncheon in Colorado Springs, Colo., opening the leading Washington think tank’s 35th annual Resource Bank gathering.

“An exemplar of principle and character, Seamus Hasson has devoted his life to advancing religious liberty, a cause at the heart of the American project,” said Matthew Spalding, vice president of American studies at The Heritage Foundation and director of its Center for Principles and Politics.

Heritage annually presents the prize, named for the late entrepreneur and philanthropist Henry Salvatori, to an American who advances the principles and virtues of the nation’s Founders. Recent winners include historian David McCullough and Princeton University professor Robert P. George.

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*Photo by Shealah Craighead/The Heritage Foundation

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