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Becket’s Comment on DC Circuit Court Ruling on Gilardi

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The following comment may be attributed to Adele Keim, Legal Counsel for Becket for Religious Liberty:

This ruling confirms what nearly every other court has said: individuals do not have to forfeit their faith to make a living, and the government is wrong to force family businesses to subsidize products against their deeply held religious beliefs. The Court called the government’s arguments to the contrary “empty, reflexive, and talismanic.” With thirty courts now reaching the same conclusion, and only five disagreeing, the government is plainly on the wrong path trying to force business owners to violate their consciences.

The Court repeatedly relied on Becket’s groundbreaking victory at the Tenth Circuit. And in his concurring opinion, Judge Randolph cited law professor and Becket attorney Mark Rienzi’s recent law review article on the question of religious exercise by for-profit enterprises.