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Becket Fund mourns passing of William L. Armstrong

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Ryan Colby 202-349-7219

President William Armstrong was a vigorous defender of religious liberty. As a United States Senator he sponsored crucial legislation protecting the rights of religious organizations. As the President of Colorado Christian University he was among the first to challenge government efforts to force employers to provide healthcare plans that violated their religious convictions. As a devout Christian, he was always bold in sharing his own beliefs, yet unequivocal in defending the beliefs of others.

“His courage was inspiring,” said Eric Baxter, Senior Counsel at Becket, which represented Colorado Christian University in challenging the HHS healthcare mandate. “Where others hesitated, he enthusiastically joined the fight. He made the biggest challenges joyful!”

With President Armstrong’s passing, America has lost a truly great example of what religious freedom means in a pluralistic society:  we can fully live our faith while also defending the faith of others.