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Becket Fund on FOX: Embattled Tennessee Mosque Opens The Becket Fund’s Lori Windham explains how the recent opening of the Murfreesboro, Tennessee mosque means a victory for all houses of worship.

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After two years of opposition, the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro is finally open to use its newly built mosque for prayer, thanks to a lawsuit filed by The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty in July.

The federal court ruled in favor of the Becket Fund’s request that all houses of worship be treated equal, including the Murfreeboro mosque, and cleared the way for the mosque to receive a certificate of occupancy on the same terms as any other house of worship.

“You can’t treat a religious group differently because it’s unpopular,” said Lori Windham of the Becket Fund in a Fox News report. “That’s a rule that will protect the mosque today, a synagogue tomorrow and a church on Sunday.”

Watch the Fox News video below