No war on Christmas: In many communities, officials opt to surrender

December 21, 2015, The Washington Times

As the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty put it, “Just as the government doesn’t have to include a pacifist memorial next to every war memorial, it doesn’t have to include mockery of religion next to every creche or Christmas tree.”

Since 2000, the Becket Fund has fought government capitulation on religious displays with its annual Ebenezer Awards.

“I think in general, the American public is happy to accommodate everyone else’s religion, and most of us are happy to hear ‘Happy Hanukkah’ from someone,” said Becket senior counsel Eric Baxter. “But there are certainly some government bureaucrats who feel like they have to suppress religion, which is really unnecessary.”

Final score for Big Mountain Jesus: A 61-year-old war memorial to remain on Montana ski slope

February 23, 2016, The Washington Times

Championed by the Knights of Columbus, the 61-year-old statue honors soldiers – many from the Army’s 10th Mountain Division – who fought the Nazis in the Italian Alps. The Becket Fund defended the memorial in a five-year battle against The Freedom From Religion Foundation, a Wisconsin-based secular group that demanded the statue be removed, claiming that its mere presence violated the First Amendment.

Groups push military for more religious liberty

Washington Times, May 28, 2014

“The bottom line is that we do have more to do,” said Daniel Blomberg, legal counsel for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty. “We have seen a series of problems in the military that have given rise to a number of concerns and direct congressional action. Congress has twice passed statutes that require the military to be more accommodating to religious beliefs and practices.”

STRANGE: Defending faith from federal bullies

Washington Times, February 14, 2014

To make sure that liberty isn’t crushed, the lawyers at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty stepped in. As Attorney General of Alabama, I am proud to see our state, along with 20 other states, stand shoulder to shoulder with the Becket Fund in opposing the Department of Health and Human Services mandate.

Appeals courts mull ‘Obamacare’ contraception mandate

Washington Times, May 26, 2013

Adele Keim, a lawyer at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, attended the Denver arguments while her colleague, Kyle Duncan, delivered arguments on behalf of the Green family, which owns Hobby Lobby. She said it was clear that the eight judges — it was an “en banc” hearing, so all of the circuit judges attended instead of only three — were taking the matter seriously.

George: How hostile to religion must the state be?

The Washington Times, April 18, 2013

Every winter, the federal courts host a spate of lawsuits over local Christmas and Hanukkah displays. We now face a similar prospect every spring, as school districts will be sued over field trips and graduation venues. Let’s hope the Supreme Court takes the Elmbrook case and spares us and our school districts and students unnecessary expenses.