Three Sikh-American Soldiers File New Lawsuit Against U.S. Department of Defense

March 29, 2016, NBC News 

“Three Sikhs filed suit against the Army to ensure that their requests for religious accommodation are resolved by their basic training ship dates in May,” Harsimran Kaur, The Sikh Coalition’s legal director, told NBC News. “The lead plaintiff has been waiting over seven months. The Army has been failing to make decisions on whether these patriotic Sikhs will be able serve their country while abiding by the tenets of their faith. In doing so, the Army is violating their constitutional and statutory rights.”

Sikh-American Military Officer Files Lawsuit to Serve with Turban, Beard

March 1, 2016, NBC News

“Captain Singh upholds the finest traditions of our military,” Eric Baxter, senior counsel at The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, told NBC News. “He’s a West Point graduate, Army Ranger, Bronze Star Recipient. He knows he is subject to the same standards as everyone else. Just this morning, he underwent a previously scheduled gas mask test with his unit and passed without a hitch. He shouldn’t be subjected to additional, discriminatory testing because of his faith. The Army is treating him as if he were a lab rat.”