Little Sisters Of The Poor VS. Government Almighty

November 17, 2015, American Spectator

Another fight in the long struggle between freedom of conscience and the primacy of the state.

The Obama administration’s position is that it has graciously condescended to grant an “accommodation” for organizations like the Little Sisters of the Poor and that they won’t be required to provide contraception coverage if they will unbend enough to apply for this special dispensation. The Becket Fund disposes of this argument as follows: “The so-called ‘accommodation’ still forces the Little Sisters to find an insurer who will cover sterilization, contraceptive and abortion-inducing drugs and devices, and will provide related counseling and education to promote those things.” In other words, the accommodation is just a fig leaf.

Big Government Restrictions On Religious Freedom Keep Losing In Supreme Court

The American Spectator, January 29, 2015

Conflict between government regulation and religious activity arises when government regulation expands. Eric Rassbach, from the Becket Fund explains: New conflicts most frequently arise when the sphere of government activity expands: government seeks to exercise more comprehensive control over a field of human endeavor where religious people have already long been active. For example, the recent rash of litigation over the contraception mandate arose because the federal government sought to expand its control over the healthcare plans of religious organizations in a way it had never done before.