Jenna Cook

Legal Assistant

Twitter @becketlaw
Phone (202) 796-0212
Education Education

Brigham Young University

Jenna joined Becket in 2021 as a legal assistant. Jenna recently graduated from Brigham Young University with a major in Human Development and a minor in International Development with certificates in Russian and Social Impact.

In her undergraduate career, Jenna worked at the Ballard Center for Social Impact, focusing on issues such as environmentalism, educational disparities and religious freedom.  Having previously lived in Russia, China and Jerusalem, all areas where religious liberty was restricted, Jenna developed a passion for the first amendment and the need for religious liberty. Throughout her university experience, Jenna won several awards for public speaking as well as awards for her published paper on educational disparities among girls in India.

You’ll rarely find Jenna in one place on the weekends as she loves to travel whenever she can. She considers food to be her main love language, and just like her last name states, she loves to cook. Jenna’s other hobbies include running half marathons, skiing to avoid hating the cold, reading anything she can get her hands on, and desperately trying to get better at foosball.